The dazzling beauty that John Stanley Plastering coving services can add to your house can never be overstated. When you work with us, possibilities are unlimited. We have a wide range of designs and styles from decorative mouldings to more elegant designs.

The clever use of mouldings in coving as seen from our previous work creates an ambience of charm. We have worked on all kinds of houses, old and modern, drawing inspiration from our passion, commitment to the job, and our need to satisfy our customers.

Features of Coving

Any room will benefit from coving as it enhances the decorative aspect of the space. We can design the coving to meet your specific requirements, making it visually appealing and at the same time long-lasting. In addition to that, we carry out renovation and/or repair of any coving work that may have existing damages. Not only that, we can make a coving out of virtually any size, from small, medium, to the largest, because we have the ability to be flexible to our customers' demands.

We undertake all aspects of coving services, from traditional plastering techniques to modern-day finishes. Our work is appropriate for both internal and external projects so if you have any coving needs, contact us without any worries.

Why Choose Us

At John Stanley Plastering, we believe the only way to do a job, is the right way.

That is why the product we use for our jobs is top quality and have a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Our experience.

We have many years of experience in transforming domestic properties for businesses owners and homeowners.

At John Stanley Plastering, we pride ourselves with highly qualified employees who are well vetted to provide top-notch services.

They are courteous, respectful, and driven by the desire to provide quality services.

We work on domestic and commercial projects.

So, rest assured if you are in need of any jobs doing, we always have your back.

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