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Lime Rendering

Are the external walls of your house turning grey and the interior becoming damp? If yes, it is time to talk to John Stanley Plastering to protect them from the harsh elements of weather.

You do not have to feel stuck between giving your property the toughness it requires to withstand changes in weather patterns and maintaining its distinct characteristics. Make the right choice in protecting your property by contacting John Stanley Plastering today.

Features of Lime Rendering

We undertake a whole lot of traditional lime rending tasks and hair plastering including lath replacement. Our highly skilled technicians understand how to deal with various customer specifications and preferences on both commercial and domestic projects.

We possess equipment and personnel to handle any Lime Rendering job from small repair works to major renovations, refurbishments, and restorations. John Stanley Plastering Lime Rendering helps maintain the structural integrity and style of old buildings from the foundation of our deep understanding of traditional architecture.

Why Choose Us

At John Stanley Plastering, we believe the only way to do a job, is the right way.

That is why the product we use for our jobs is top quality and have a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Our experience.

We have many years of experience in transforming domestic properties for businesses owners and homeowners.

At John Stanley Plastering, we pride ourselves with highly qualified employees who are well vetted to provide top-notch services.

They are courteous, respectful, and driven by the desire to provide quality services.

We work on domestic and commercial projects.

So, rest assured if you are in need of any jobs doing, we always have your back.

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